Last day 25 May, comemorou-se o Dia Mundial da Esclerose Múltipla, comemoração essa a que necessariamente aderimos, dinamizando a sua festividade, quer participando em eventos da iniciativa de entidades terceiras, quer promovendo os nossos proprios eventos, cujas atividades realizadas não podemos deixar de partilhar aqui.

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We appreciate the cooperation of All You in this initiative. The "The World vs MS" initiative aims to invite people living with MS, your family and friends, caregivers and healthcare professionals to share their ideas to solve the challenges 2,5 million people in the world living with MS face daily.

Since now our thanks

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Help WE is not a tax, it is DO YOU who decides which they are used!

It's simple, no cost to And and without prejudice to the amount that can be repaid (when appropriate). Help us improve the quality of life of patients with Multiple Sclerosis.

How do? Place an X in the table 9, Annex H (Tax Deductions and benefits), Private Institutions of Social Solidarity or Legal Persons of Public Utility (art. 32º, n.º 6).