“Campus Conversation on Health” addressed the issue “Myths and Truths about MS”

The Neurological Senior Campus (CNS), Portuguese center dedicated to neurological diseases, held within the Conference Cycle "Campus Conversations on Health", last day 4 October, a lecture on the theme "Myths and Truths about Multiple Sclerosis", first gathering, as speakers, a Dra. Livia Sousa and his daughter, a Dra. Ana Paula Sousa, ambas neurologistas especialistas.

Multiple sclerosis is a predominantly young adult neurological disease that affects. There were many doubts that existed in participants, including patients and family, about the quality of life of people who suffer from this disease. A Dra. Livia Sousa, responsável peels Multiple Sclerosis Unit of the University Hospital of Coimbra, e a Dra. Ana Paula Sousa, neurologist a specialist in multiple sclerosis Neurological Campus, began by discussing the characteristics of the disease and its treatment.

Then, The speakers clarified some "myths and truths" about Multiple Sclerosis, answering several important questions such as whether the disease shortens life, is prevented from working patients, if patients are pregnant women, the evolution of the disease leads patients compulsorily for a wheelchair, which the risk of familial transmission and, the most important of all, what to do to improve symptoms.

The neurologists experts explained that a variety of new treatments available for this disease. The latest treatments, although not intended for all patients, have the potential advantage of being orally administered, unlike previous medications subcutaneous and intramuscular administration.

At the end of the conference, the opportunity to present to ask questions and doubt was given to experts, we have a very active audience tried to respond to all requests in a clear and concise, thereby clarifying all doubts of the participants

About the CNS: The CNS is a private Portuguese center, dedicated to neurological diseases, you want to reconcile excellence with clinical activity of conducting research projects and training of health professionals. Located in Torres Vedras, CNS is a pioneer project in Portugal and Europe, built-root to think about the characteristics and problems of the POPULATION which is intended.


source: Press release (RCM Pharma)

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