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EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) It is based on the desensitization and reprocessing through the eye movement. This is a method desensitization and reprocessing emotionally traumatic experiences through bilateral brain stimulation, which promotes communication between the two brain hemispheres.

EMDR recreates what happens naturally during sleep or sleep in REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and it can be regarded as a physiological basis therapy, that helps a person to face and live the trauma in a new way and without the disruptive effects.

It is a powerful psychotherapeutic method. A substantial number of scientific studies have proven the effectiveness of EMDR. The results of these studies indicate that EMDR is very efficient, and that the results are durable in the long term.

EMDR can be applied in the following cases:

  • PTSD / PTSD - Trauma and stress-posttraumatic, such as, resulting from sexual abuse or violation, assaults, violence, war and natural disasters consequences, etc..
  • Dor Chronicle
  • Grief and depression
  • Phobias and panic disorder
  • chemical dependency and additions
  • Installation positive resources
  • Improved performances

For more information, contact:

933311616/ 910400453

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