Iniciativa “The World vs MS”

We appreciate the cooperation of All You in this initiative. The "The World vs MS" initiative aims to invite people living with MS, your family and friends, caregivers and healthcare professionals to share their ideas to solve the challenges 2,5 million people in the world living with MS face daily.

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A Sanofi Genzyme, in partnership with the Multiple Sclerosis Community, launched a global initiative #vsMS (versus MS) which aims to clarify and address the real physical and emotional impact of MS on people living with the disease and their caregivers.
To better understand the daily impact of MS, Sanofi Genzyme interviewed over 1.500 people between MS patients form outbreak remission and their caregivers, in 7 countries (France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Canada, United States and Australia). In summer 2015 durante o Congresso do European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis, em Barcelona,, the first results were presented, available

In response to the results of the interviews, Sanofi Genzyme launches a new #TheWorldvsMS initiative to help revolutionize the lives of MS patients.

People living with MS are invited to share their daily challenges on the initiative website until the day 31 May:

Sanofi Genzyme is looking for ideas for practical solutions to these challenges with the MS Community. The company offers to grant 100 thousand euros to the most creative and innovative idea.

This year, Sanofi Genzyme will seek ideas to address these challenges with the most innovative people in Europe - from entrepreneurs to inventors, scientists, Product designers and teachers. The public and in particular to the Community of MS, You will be given the opportunity to vote for the best idea submitted in Europe, choosing the one that will really make a difference.

With the initiative #vsMS, Sanofi Genzyme with the help of Multiple Sclerosis Community hopes to break with conventional and motivate change.

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