Special Dossier Health

Special Dossier Health

On Monday day 4 December was published Special Health Dossier of People with Multiple Sclerosis National Day at the Daily News and Journal News.

With articles Helena Cardoso, Pedro Moura Diniz and Rebelo testimonials, Joan Rosas, Luis Loureiro, Natalia Santos and Rita Pinto Conim another edition that aims to be a pedagogical communication reference for readers in healthcare.

Investing in a publishing project that focuses on interactivity, and ease of access for readers, this edition is online from day 4 with access through the DN Homepages and JN.

In expectation you like, already present our sincere thanks to all the entities and stakeholders that with your support and cooperation allowed to publish another edition Dossier Health with high pedagogical communication potential in healthcare.


Download Dossier here

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