ANEM welcomes project "Multiple Stories" with Patient Organizations support

ANEM welcomes project "Multiple Stories" with Patient Organizations support

The National Association of Multiple Sclerosis (WE) will hold, on 20 of October, at 10:30 am, the Higher Institute of Social Service of Porto - ISSSP (By. Dr. Manuel Teixeira, Ruela n.º 370 4460-362, Senhora da Hora)

A gathering in order to give voice to the patient, starting from real testimonials of people who live and live daily with Multiple Sclerosis (ill, Caregivers, family and informal support network) and that the face of a positive.

The meeting has the support of health professionals and is part of the project "Stories Multiple", an initiative that has the support of Novartis, through a partnership between the three patient groups working in this field: Multiple Sclerosis Portuguese Society (HOPE), National Association of Multiple Sclerosis (WE) and all with Multiple Sclerosis (TEM).

"There are many issues that affect the life of a patient with multiple sclerosis and their caregivers. This get-together we decided to address the issues that seem more relevant and deserve to be discussed. The uncertain path to diagnosis, the role of support provided after this time and the impact of caregiver in the patient's life are the themes that will be highlighted at this meeting ", explains Lourdes Silva, ANEM da agent.

Launched in May, under the World Multiple Sclerosis Day, the project involves in addition to the gatherings organized by patient organizations, the collection of real testimonies of multiple sclerosis community, of patients, caregivers and rest support network. The testimonies collected in this project and the realization of gatherings come out conclusions and recommendations that will be released later in the year, as part of the National Day Person with Multiple Sclerosis.

Registration for this get-together should be made via e-mail or phones 224631985 / 965055885.

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