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The National Association of Multiple Sclerosis (WE), with support from Novartis, will promote free sessions clarification about this disease that affects about 5 thousand Portuguese, next June.

"Lack of information about multiple sclerosis means that many people wrongly judge patients and increases the bias in their day-to-day. There are many young people with this disease can have a normal life, provided they have the support of caregivers, Family, and health professionals. The diagnosis and treatment have evolved considerably in recent 30 years and now need to assess the prospects for the future ", Lurdes Silva explains, Coordinator ANEM.As information sessions will be taught by neurologists and intend to speak of the evolution of knowledge about the disease since there 30 year to date.

In June a lecture is scheduled for the day 2 June, the auditorium of the Hospital Keys; on 16 Fraternal Auditorium in June, Community Center of Solidarity and Social Integration, in Guimarães; and on 30 June in the auditorium of the Hospital S. Theotonius, in Viseu. The beginning is always scheduled for 9h30.A Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease, degenerative central nervous system do, affecting young adults with ages between 20 e os 40 years, but especially young women. It is estimated that this condition affects more than 5 thousand Portuguese.

The National Association of Multiple Sclerosis (WE) is a non-profit and public benefits whose principal purpose is the provision of a multidisciplinary support for patients with Multiple Sclerosis and their families / caregivers.

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