Sailing Oceans of Hope takes in patients with Multiple Sclerosis circumnavigation

Oceans of Hope sailed from Copenhagen on a sailboat trip around the world and will be in the Park of Nations in Lisbon between Marina 28 and July 2 August 2014 to collect the Portuguese representative on the expedition, Luisa Matias.

The organization of the initiative states that it is the first circumnavigation around the world in a boat manned by Patients with Multiple Sclerosis (IN).

Oceans of Hope sailboat is forming a campaign with the same name, organized by the Danish Sailing Foundation Sclerosis. About objectivo to Projecto, lasting 17 months, is changing perceptions regarding the AT, demonstrating what can be achieved when people with chronic illness are challenged

The route planned for this trip will take the boat from Copenhagen to Kiel, Germany, in what is the first stop (19- 22 June), followed Amsterdam, Holland (26-29 June), Portsmouth, United Kingdom (3-6 July), La Rochelle, France (10-14 July) e Lisboa (28 July - 2 August).

De Lisboa, the Oceans of Hope part for crossing the Atlantic to Boston, Massachusetts, U.S., where it is expected that the landing crew 8 September. Oceans of Hope then takes place in ACTRIMS-ECTRIMS conference, the biggest international event in the world dedicated to research in Multiple Sclerosis.

Mikkel Anthonis, of 47 years, specialist at the University / Hospital of Copenhagen, Rigshospitalet, is the founder of the foundation Sailing Sclerosis. Doctor, psychotherapist and boater, noted the importance of involving people with MS in sailing activities when in early 2013 met a patient who hoped to return to sailing.

The expert commented that "Today is a wonderful day. I'm not sure that there 18 months one would have believed that this would be possible, but the proof is that everything is possible when we believe and strive. Everyone in our organization and around it, including all the crew on board, worked hard to make it possible to put the Oceans of Hope at sea. So did a fantastic job. Projecto This shows the world that 'sim, We could do it!’

Biogen Idec joined Sailing Sclerosis Foundation campaign, Oceans of Hope, as Official Partner.

Sergio Teixeira, Biogen Idec's Director-Geral, Portugal, "I am pleased that the company is associated with an unprecedented project of social nature so strong. As in the century of the Portuguese Discoveries, also the team's Oceans Of Hope part to conquer the world in a single trip, surpassing the limitations in many cases are associated with multiple sclerosis. These brave sailors should serve as an example not only for the community of patients and physicians but also for their families and the general population ".

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