Infarmed approves first treatment for combat disorders of gait in patients with MS

Infarmed approved the use of FAMPYRA (prolonged release tablets), the first treatment to combat disorders of gait in patients with Multiple Sclerosis (IN). This treatment has proved to be effective in persons with all types of MS, in relapsing-remitting, in secondary progressive forms, primary progressive and progressive Relapsing.

The study demonstrated that, near 93% of patients with MS reported mobility problems in the first 10 years of diagnosis, verifying an increasing absenteeism, and hence falling incomes, in patients with gait problems, being responsible for these problems decreased quality of life of patients and caregivers.

FAMPYRA improves neurological function by improving the nerve impulse conduction through the demyelinated neurons. In the clinical study, patients responding to FAMPYRA showed significant improvements in gait speed and the quality of life of patients. FAMPYRA can be used alone or in conjunction with other therapies for MS, including immunomodulatory drugs.

Ana Martins da Silva, Service specialist Neurology, Hospital of Porto - Hospital de Santo António and, Vice-Chairman of the Scientific-Technical Council of ANEM "FAMPYRA represents an important advance in the treatment of one of the most frequent and disabling symptoms for patients with MS. It is a drug that improves gait and quality of life of these patients, regardless of the disease course or duration. It is a drug with some features, such as ease of administration (2 tablets per day), quick and simple assessment of treatment response (in 15 days in most patients) and well-known safety profile. Consider these important factors for proper use in clinical practice, ensuring accessibility of the drug to patients with MS and gait disturbance, which may come to benefit from this new drug. Por fim, I emphasize that the combination of such drugs, as FAMPYRA, and individualized programs and regular physiotherapy, are indispensable for improving gait and consequently the inability of patients with MS. "

Fampyra will be available in hospitals as they are approving the drug.

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