MS affects adults and young people aged 20 and 40 years

Answer it puder: if someone asked what is multiple sclerosis, what would you answer? Option A: an aging-related disease, which leads to memory loss, confusion and forgetfulness. Option B: incident autoimmune neurological disease in young adults. Option C: none of the above statements.

If you chose option A or C, you missed. Multiple sclerosis is not synonymous with old age. On the contrary, its incidence is higher among young adults. Nothing less than 70% of diagnoses are in people aged 20 and 40 years.

The causes of the disease are not yet fully known, but it is known that it is an autoimmune chronic inflammatory disease. Despite this, the disease is not hereditary.

The MS originates in the brain and of the central nervous system, including the cerebellum and the spinal cord. Being Autoimmune, it manifests itself when the body confuses healthy cells of the central nervous system intrusive, e as “attack” causing brain lesions. These lesions occur on the cover that covers the brain axiônios, responsible for command order and impulses.

Multiple sclerosis may also develop from environmental factors still poorly understood. Sabe-se, for example, it appears more and more evident in people who have had along the low life sun exposure. Therefore, disease prevalence is higher in the South region nebula, where records 40 cases for each group of 100 thousand inhabitants, twice as much as the sunny Alagoas, where records 20 cases.

With the advancement of the disease, patients may lose some physical and cognitive abilities, manifesting itself in different ways in each individual. There are patients who have spaced outbreaks and discrete, while others may have more severe outbreaks that may even bring permanent damage.

"The important thing is to identify the disease early and begin treatment early", neurologist warned of the Santa Casa de Maceio, Jatoba Pedro Neto. According to him, last half of the patients had loss of motor independence and muscle, abandoning their routine activities and going on to have direct dependence on a caregiver to assist. All this for lack of treatment. Today, thanks to the arsenal of drugs, this extreme situation comes to a more limited audience of patients with multiple sclerosis. In most cases, as the actress Claudia Rodrigues, the patient has an active and productive life.

The first signal may go unnoticed or be confused with any other disease. One of the most common signs of vision loss is, but one should be aware of other symptoms that come and go as cognitive disorders, tingling in face, loss of strength in arms and legs, depressive emotional pictures. Often outbreaks can last for periods of up to ten days and fade.

Once confirmed the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, one inflammatory disease desmielizante, with relapsing-remitting manifestation, treatment has two main objectives: shorten the acute phase and try to increase the interval between an outbreak and other.

In the first case, Corticosteroids are drugs useful for reducing the severity of outbreaks. In the second, immunosuppressants and immunomodulators help space the episodes of recurrence and the negative impact, provocam to the lives of sufferers of multiple sclerosis, since it is almost impossible to eliminate them with current treatments.


Source: Santa Casa de Maceió - Brazil

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