Zumba Outreach Thanks

Dear friends, the ANEM can not but thank all this conviviality that gave us this wonderful afternoon of Zumba Solidarity!

We thank the instructors Ana Castro, Euclésia Brito, João Pedro Ribeiro, John Brito, Juan Carlos Sanzonetti, Maria João Bastos, Paulo Rocha, Sonia Walls, Filipe Santos by contagious energy, by joy, the willingness!


The Simon and Lucy the yield on the time of thy space GondoorSoccer – Montezelo by the threat of rain that actually arrived but so did not stop us!

In Judith Silva by sympathy and for allowing us to see the looks Zumbásticos that all fans can purchase!

The Sr. Daniel Vieira Chairman of the Board of Union of Parishes of Fanzeres and Roebourne the immediate transfer of the stage that had available. We know that a larger and higher stage was ideal, but we appeal to the good understanding of all, because if the "St. Peter" did not come to visit us we would have a more suitable stage. We promise that in the event next stage will be to everyone's liking!!

In Union Parish of Maia (S. Cosme, Valbom and Jovim) the cession of sound equipment.

The company Sagial the supply of water for participants.

In BiogenIdec for their support in making this event.

To all our thanks and, hope to see you soon!

Ver Galeria here

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