The National Association of Multiple Sclerosis (WE), formed on 24 May 1999, is a Private Institution of Social Solidarity nonprofit, registered in the General Directorate of Solidarity and Social Security, the book 1 Health Facility, sob o n. º 8/00, from 8 August 1999.

Is regulated in the Official Gazette no. º 202, 3.ª series, of 27 August 2004, be an institution of public utility, covered by the Law on Tax Benefits.

The scope of intervention is nationally, already surpassing the 950 associated from the continent and the archipelagos of Madeira and the Azores. Our associates, mostly, Multiple Sclerosis patients are sick and neurological, the remaining individuals associated, direct or indirectly, have contact with the disease considering our just and worthy cause to be supported.

A 19 November 2007, celebrate with the Institute of Social Security, I.P. / The Port District Centre, an Agreement of Cooperation Atypical social response to our Call Center, Monitoring and Rehabilitation for Persons with Disabilities (CAARPD).

Entrance of the facility ANEM (Gondomar)Broadened so, the range of services provided, available at goers CAAAPD, A shuttle service between the association and residence, association in developing a range of recreational and educational activities, physical rehabilitation, cognitive and psicológica.

From 2003 We are hosted in Valbom - Gondomar in a building donated by the Parish Council in Lending Agreement. Here were carried out reconstruction works to expand the building space polyvalent work, extending the range of services.

To provide goers CAARPD, a shuttle service between the association and its residence, developing the association a set of playful activities, physical rehabilitation, cognitive and psicológica.

Currently we are holding fundraising campaigns for the launch of the first stone and continued Clinic Building Rehabilitation / Residential Home in Vila Nova de Gaia.


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