The ANEM is formed by a multidisciplinary team working together provides support at various levels.

    • Social service – intervene in the socio-economic problems, care and social support, psychosocial support, referral of situations to relevant services and links with partner organizations, as well as informative concerning social rights.


    • Psychology – face consultations and via skype individual psychology and group for patient, families and caregivers, counseling to members to help them live with the disease, creating strategies to deal with the same in their day-to-day;


    • Legal Service – inform and guide the members in relation to general questions of law and the other rights and duties of citizens with disabilities;


    • Occupational therapy – identify and assess the functional challenges, intervened in three areas: activities of daily living, produtivas couples of Lazer;


    • Home visits – multidisciplinary support.


    • Loan service technical aids – through the continued implementation of the "Bottle Caps Project";


    • Physiotherapy Service


  • Nutrition Service


  • Food Bank Against Hunger , – We fight against food waste and we are honored to be one IPSS associated voluntarily to the Food Bank Against Hunger in Porto collection campaigns at national and, in the distribution of food baskets delivered monthly to the poorest households and flagged.
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"SECIL Thanks for having presented with a car that serves as home support to those most in need."

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