Playful activities-Pedagogical – objectives


  1. Foster interaction and active collaboration of all members.
  2. Promote personal and social skills through active participation in the activities planned.
  3. Provide other cultural experiences, social and personal associates.
  4. Develop a critical spirit and intervention in society.
  5. Combat social isolation of patients and their families / caregivers.
  6. Promote the active participation of family members / caregivers in the proposed activities, while volunteers.
  7. Develop new mechanisms for fundraising and new members, com based on planned activities.


Functional Activities – Objectives


  1. Establish contacts with other Patient pursuit towards providing the work / joint dynamics.
  2. Expand the field of action of the activities of ANEM nationwide.
  3. To promote the opening of offices of ANEM nationally.
  4. Perform a statistical characterization of the associated work of ANEM, carriers of multiple sclerosis.
  5. Promote the integration of new interns and volunteers, in supporting activities to develop.
  6. Expand the number of users enrolled in CAAAPD and Rehabilitation Functional Area.
  7. Counseling, either the physician level, both in terms of the most appropriate technical assistance to each patient.
  8. Foster adherence to new protocols with public and private entities.
  9. Delineate all necessary to the future creation of a Residential Home shares Rehabilitation Center.
  10. Promote and develop joint actions with the Medical Society, Portuguese Society of Neurology, and College of Neurology, in order to keep updated all the scientific information symptomatology, pathology and therapy of disease.
  11. Participation in conferences in the area of ​​intervention of Multiple Sclerosis.
  12. Articulate the various aspects of the institution using the optimization of human resources and logistics.
  13. Investing in the training of human resources of the institution.
  14. Rationalization of methods and strategies to work within the Institution.
  15. Promote increased health and well-being of clients / associates, by conducting activities / exercises in Rehabilitation Functional Area.


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