Volunteering(a) is to commit, Freeform, disinterested and responsible, to participate in actions of social interest, Cultural and Community, performed under the assistance of the institution, upon your area of ​​interest and availability.

The volunteer activity allows the Anem, so, personal achievement who, generously and 'good causes', want to contribute to improving the quality of life of others, providing part of their time, knowledge and energy.

  • If you want to exercise their citizenship and solidarity of an active and organized manner;
  • If you feel you have the genuine motivations to undertake voluntary;
  • If you feel that you can add value, as a complementary resource, the intervention developed by Anem;
  • If you are willing to commit, free, Regular and periodic;
  • If you want your time disponibilizar, their knowledge and skills to others;
  • If you want to enriching experiences;
  • If you want to contribute to positive change in our society;


Then, would like to have it(a) volunteer(a), fetched here the registration form. Any clarification or doubt, contacte a Anem.

After downloading the registration form, no need to print, fill out and send back to us from the field below.

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