Recurrent Múltipla Esclerose Sender (EMRR)

Multiple Outbreak / Remission sclerosis is the most common form of M.S., where patients have outbreaks and return to their normal state. Outbreaks are acute episodes of symptomatic manifestations for more than a 24 hours.

During the outbreak symptoms develop during the first days, remain constant during 3 a 4 weeks and eventually cease after one month.

At this stage there may be a partial or complete recovery of symptoms experienced, considering-is 2 separate outbreaks in a short time, When there is a range of 30 days between.
Since this is a progressive disease that can occur after 10 a 15 years this type of M.S. It can progress to Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.

Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (EMSP)

It grows over a period of 10 a 15 years. May experience outbreaks, yet there is a full recovery of symptoms and may go through a gradual and steady increase in symptoms and disability.

Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (EMPP)

It's kind of M.S. progressive that arises in older age (40 years or more), without periods of outbreaks, where symptoms worsen steadily since the beginning of the diagnosis. The inability gradually increases to a certain point and may or may not worsen for months and / or years.

Benign Multiple Sclerosis

It is described as a M.S. for relapsing-remitting, however over the years the inability remains virtually non-existent or very low.

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