The Clinicuidados is a company of home support and health created due to the need that we all have in finding care, reliable, more supportive and more complete. Provides all clinical and non-clinical services in the comfort of your home.

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A Esclerose Múltipla (IN) is a chronic disease, inflammatory, Demyelinating and degenerativa that affects the central nervous system. Although its cause is not perfectly clear, is believed to involve autoimmune processes. Common manifestations include paresthesias, visual changes, urinary and bowel dysfunction, changes in balance and motor coordination, ataxia, fatigue, pain, psychological and cognitive changes. There is no cure for MS and its treatment is pharmacological. Read More

The National Association of Multiple Sclerosis (WE) continues to support people who need assistive, by Bottle Caps Collection Program in cooperation with the Ambisousa.
By depositing in ANEM their plastic covers is contributing to the purchase of a wheelchair for a patient with Multiple Sclerosis. Read More

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