The ANEM hereby demonstrate their overall thanks to all the people who attended the Show Solidarity conducted last day 07 April, the Social and Cultural Center of the Parish Valbom.

We thank, em particular, the groups who have accepted our invitation to participate that night and they offered us two celebrated performances: the Folklore and Ethnographic of Lavradeiras Jovim and, also, the Violas and Cavaquinhos group of University Senior Gondomar. As late-night surprise, We were also presented by two fadinhos offered by Mrs.. Ms. Celeste.

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complete model 3, Annex H, picture 9 and mark an X

Social Institutions and People Collective of Public Utility (Artº 32, # 6)

NIPC: 504 467 042

Take an active role and participate in this unique innovative initiative for women!
Lions Club will hold a Solidarity Tea reverse in favor of ANEM on 11 March at 16:00 at the Hotel Axis Vermar in Povoa de Varzim.

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