World MS Day – 30 May 2020

World MS Day – 30 May 2020

The distance and circumstances of this new reality that we had to adapt to, did not prevent the development of activities and the functioning of our association.

The National Association of Multiple Sclerosis, readjusted its entire structure in order to respond to needs and different situations, keeping the focus on quality of life and promoting the well-being of patients with MS.

World Multiple Sclerosis Day is officially celebrated on the 30 May all over the world. Due to this pandemic situation, it becomes increasingly imperative to give a voice to MS and this cause.

More than ever, it is important to stay “connected”, so that together we can overcome this challenge. The celebration of this day, it becomes central to the awareness of MS and aims to attract the attention of the largest number of people to understand the disease and the daily challenges that these patients face.

So, in the impossibility of performing face-to-face activities, we intend to mark this day with an online conference, to clarify the relationship between Covid-19 and Multiple Sclerosis.

Together we follow stronger!

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