1. organization of seminars and symposia to raise awareness and promote the spread of the disease and its treatment with the company through these actions and, the biannual publication of a newspaper;

  3. Intervene with employers and trade unions making them aware of the disease and possible disabilities resulting, as well as the derivatives side effects of the medication to patients who are subject to M.S.;

  5. Support and assist in resolving physical problems, psychological, and the resulting socioeconomic M.S., providing support through a multidisciplinary team of psychologists, social workers, occupational therapist / physiotherapist, lawyers and volunteers.

  7. In active collaboration with other Associations and Public and Private Entities carry out joint actions in favor of the holders of M.S.;

  9. Collaborate with health services (hospitals, health centers, clinical, among others), sensitizing physicians to the pathology, providing faster diagnostic and systematic surveillance of symptoms of the disease;

  11. Support research and research within the M.S., thereby promoting the improvement of treatment and a significant improvement in the quality of life of patients;

  13. Sensitize pharmaceutical companies for research and development needs of new drugs increasingly effective;

  15. Continue the collection campaign "Bottle Caps" to which we attach to this year from the collection of "plastic" and metal cans to acquire Technical Help to lend to the general community;

  17. Conduct home visits to members who for health reasons can not move the association, contacting up with the reality surrounding each wearer.

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