An initiative of the EDP Foundation to which the ANEM ran and was awarded as one of the winners with the project "Multiple Rehabilitation". The – "Project will be co-financed by the EDP Foundation, by EDP Solidarity program- Social Inclusion 2017 "- supporting initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of socially disadvantaged; the integration of communities at risk of social exclusion and promotion of social entrepreneurship.

For the evaluation of the lack of socias responses in the area of ​​rehabilitation in Vila Nova de Gaia our purpose is to develop a space provided by the Municipality a space for physical and psychosocial rehabilitation to address the carrier MS population and patient Neurological Forum.

For the realization of this project improvement works will be carried out from space, namely the creation of infrastructure for greater efficiency and effectiveness in the implementation and development of CAARPD (call center, Monitoring and Rehabilitation for Persons with Disabilities).

Soon this project will be completed and we invite all to participate in this our new adventure with the support EDP Foundation, under the EDP Solidarity program- Social inclusion 2017.

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