The work of the ANEM is based on the daily effort and dedication that are the driving force behind the association.

We live in a spirit of collaboration, mutual aid and solidarity that expands and is reflected in all causes in which the association is involved and seeks to engage constantly.

However, it is not possible to refer to the association's actions without underlining the true protagonists that move. In this context, the ANEM can fortunately count on the most varied personalities.

And it is at the heart of all these that stand out exemplary figures: Sponsors of the ANEM that go hand in hand with the combination enhancing and making sense of all your intentions.
Our challenges increase day by day. This association is fortunate to receive from their sponsors the help necessary to accomplish His most pressing goals.

For everything, and now more enriched a spirit of full pride and satisfaction, ANEM to thank and praise the gracious contribution of all shares of its sponsors enabling the achievement of results as strongly positive with users / associates sensitized the cause of Multiple Sclerosis.



ª Dr. Rosalina Machado
Mrs. Dr. Rosalina Machado godmother is this institution that 1999, the founding of the ANEM, part of this team that much in honor. Thank you very much

male Eng Tito Conrado
female Ana Jorge

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"SECIL Thanks for having presented with a car that serves as home support to those most in need."

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