Improving the quality of life and training of patients with multiple sclerosis / neurological, their families and community through innovative practices and constant sophistication of its services contributing to reducing social isolation and combating the stigma of the disease. Available for this purpose, a multidisciplinary team that responds to physical troubleshooting, psychological, Family, Legal and socio-legal.


  • Welcome in an empathetic and caring way all those who use our services;
  • Ethics and promotion of equal opportunities;
  • Respect for the condition and characteristics of all who support and those who collaborate with us
  • Cooperation in the development of joint actions to achieve our goals;
  • Integrity by respecting the rights and duties of our employees and those who provide support;
  • Commitment by developing skills and best practices for the benefit of the people we support;
  • Competence in the performance of duties with professionalism and responsibility;
  • Loyalty in interpersonal development;
  • Self-determination providing our clients strategies so that they can make decisions and choices independently promoting social inclusion;
  • Entrepreneurship through the creation and demand for innovative projects; qualification and continuous improvement of institutional practices;
  • Rigor, financial and institutional transparency involving the team in the implementation of best practices;
  • Promoting quality and excellence in the performance of institutional functions;
  • Demand for support and systematic updating of knowledge about diseases;


We are recognized as an institution of reference at national level in support to patients, as well as their families, caregivers and the community with the provision of excellent service, always promoting continuous improvement.

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