My name is Elsa ,I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2012 and dagnóstico forced me to change the pace and course of life. I decided to leave anonymous at this time,after 6 years… I decided to give voice to what I have done , and that has allowed me to live with more quality, esperança e gratidão. Tambem percebi que eu como qualquer ser humano diagnosticado ou não diagnosticado, ” we suffer” with the weight of the future, aliado a falta de propósito torna-se um cocktail explosivo. Vemos cada vez mais pessoas sem esperança…although life is a wonderful miracle.

Discovered the miraculous power of gratdão so, thank you for the fact of being alive, every morning I wake up. They were years of many adaptations…but much aprendiazagem…Today tract so much better… Self-esteem is very important…and goes through gestures so simple…

I changed my eating, practice exercise for several reasons , emotional and physical which helps me a lot in the general welfare. There are very complex days, but this disease also gave me a different taste of life.

Nothing is given for granted and it is a gift with priceless price. I often say that I did not discover meditation, meditation is discovered that to me…due to chronic fatigue the body called for a pause in the middle of day, that would allow live the rest of the day with a completely different quality, during these pauses enters relaxation and before I knew she was meditating…I did not really know what it was…but did feel good…and as ” team playing well does not move” … continuii… I began to perceive that it was meditation… I skeptical of everything that was not scientific to meditate…

But the well-being and quality that delivers speak for themselves… It is in fact a natural medicine, free and available to anyone who chooses to… at any time…My husband refers often to the head commands much… and it is true… when emotions are controlled everything else becomes easier…Nothing beats experience… time will provide the answer…I ended up falling in love by practice and practice as eat and drink every day…All that is good should be shared… only then it makes sense… I imagine what it would be if Mr. Fleming guard to penincelina revenue for own use…I was not me who discovered meditation, it is an ancient practice… but I feel the duty to diivulgar something so good and available to all…I ended up taking training as a meditation instructor, because I feel it helps me every day, to live more compassionately…I find myself at the disposal to facilitate workshops and teach taking the first steps… so that the person should be separated on the way.

In a society, it is urgent to rescue hope. Here I am available to share minha.Todos have a higher purpose… and when found… We returned to be born!

(Elsa Teixeira)

Hello friends Multiple,

Tomei conhecimento através do Instagram da campanha para envio de depoimentos sobre activities positivas após diagnóstico de Esclerose Múltipla, so although not a Portuguese citizen, I took the liberty to tell a little of my experience, pois acredito que estamos unidos pelo mesmo objective.

Primeiramente let me apresentar, I am Maria Rita by God, yes by God, uma Engenheira agronomist of 40 years, married, mother of two beautiful little angels, Denis Junior com 20 years and Tabata Luiza de 4 years and 10 months. currently me meeting afastada de minhas activities de trabalho, but I am Engineer of the Council of State of Mato Grosso do Sul Engineering Career, where it resides in the capital Campo Grande, I live in the state where it is located the famous Brazilian Pantanal, também sou docente universitária na área ambiental e atuo principalmente na estimativa de risco pela aplicação de produtos químicos – Pesticides.

The first sign of multiple sclerosis in my life appeared in the year 2011, through an optic neuritis, where I felt strong pain and I was fully blurred vision. After a series tests, nothing has been completed and passed as the symptoms did not go to fund the completion of diagnosis. In the year of 2013, I was pregnant my daughter, que inclusive foi uma promessa a Fátima a qual sou eternamente grata por ter me concedido este milagre. A gestação foi extremely complicada, I stayed 7 lying months and my daughter was born and made use of 8 ciclos de corticosteroid, so everything went as expected. In the year of 2017, especificamente no mês de October, I got in the car to drive like he did every day and had a surprise, tudo estava I duplado, initially I thought it was stress, but after the third day and considering strong dizziness decided to seek a neurologist and an MRI came after the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, with numerous lesions in the brain. Para uma confirmação mais specified foram feitos exames complementares como Licor dentre outros.

On the day of my appointment to explain the diagnosis and treatment I recall that only listened to the guidance and thought my God and now, what am I going to do? My children? My husband? Minhas activities trabalhistas? I breathed…questioned God why… and uma frase dita pelo médico mudou tudo e assim ele explanou: Sua gravidez e os corticosteroids que tomou salvaram sua vida, you owe your life to her daughter…naquele momento remembered da promessa feita a Fátima e tudo que havia passado, and, I felt the presence of this beloved mother in my heart saying: I am my daughter here, stay calm, everything will be alright, God is with you! After a few minutes I looked at the doctor and said: Doutor sou uma Engenheira, woman, Warrior, come on what's the plan?

The next day I started studying everything I could about MS, medications, alternative treatments, feed, physical exercises, etc.… I went in search of the prescribed medication which was Copaxone and preventive medications for fatigue and depression and started the physical training with physical therapy, pois estava também com uma parastesia na perna esquerda, in fact the MS has always struck me on the left. However, as I had many tremors and forgetting periods found an article that talked about the painting and studying musical instruments, It was then that I began to paint and to play drums (sim acreditem drums!!) and I emphasize that helps me a lot!

About socialization, I can not omit, almost all my friends turned away, many for not understanding what had, others by prejudice and some for thinking it was cool, but now I see it as a benefit because I know who I can really count on and not hold a grudge because I know that this only aggravates my emotional and spiritual situation, forgiving is liberating! Already on service, keep away, but also became only one registration, é impressionante como tudo que você faz é esquecido numa fraction de segundos. As I am passionate about what I do and I have immense pride in being Engineer, comecei a desenvolver um project voltado as implicações de produtos agrochemicals no desenvolvimento da Esclerose Múltipla, in rural communities and nearby cities, considering the possibility of drift and contamination of groundwater, It is such a proposal as a future PhD thesis, pois disponho de mestrado em prescrições de pesticides. But as I am set in a highly agricultural region, and, considering that Brazil is a booster in Agribusiness, not short shrift, pois entendem ser mais produtivo pesquisa destinadas ao incremento do sector agricultural, so I take this opportunity to express my interest in partnerships with other countries, where in this regard include Portugal, para desenvolvimento deste project e até mesmo a realização de um Doutorado fora de meu país.

Unfortunately as I said, no Brasil ainda não existem muitas linhas de pesquisa correlacionando a produção de alimentos ao desenvolvimento de doenças autoimmune e considerando a referência de a Associações e Instituições Ensino e Pesquisa portuguesas neste assunto, I took the liberty to expose this dream.

Well I think I've said too much…rs… so me peço com um forte abraço, positive vibes, making available to me to help them in any way necessary and leaving to multiple colleagues the message that MS is not the end… she é o início para darmos novos rumos a nossos destinos e VIVERMOS FELIZES!

(Maria Rita Rodrigues)

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