The National Association of Multiple Sclerosis (WE) continues to support people who need assistive, by Bottle Caps Collection Program in cooperation with the Ambisousa.
By depositing in ANEM their plastic covers is contributing to the purchase of a wheelchair for a patient with Multiple Sclerosis.

The ANEM thanks!

  • What caps to separate?

The Bottle Caps should be mandatory plastic, preferably liquid food, as bottle caps and bottles of water or soda, liquid iogurtes, as well as oil bottles, shampoo, detergents and wine.

  • The caps can not be:

Lids of containers of hazardous products are prohibited, packaging inks that contained, varnishes, fats, Tampa “jericans”, etc..


New Point Collection Bottle Caps

The ANEM has a new collection point caps in Aveiro:

A Grandparents & Net – Family Support Ld ª joined our cause and this, in partnership, is our new collection point where you can leave your “Bottle Caps”. Thus, will help us to acquire technical equipment for loan to those who need.

Rua Serpa Pinto, n.º 16 3830-223 Ílhavo (Aveiro) - Installations Journal “O Ilhavense”

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The SECIL supports Anema

"SECIL Thanks for having presented with a car that serves as home support to those most in need."

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