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Project designation: Caregiver Offices

Project Code: POISE-03-4639-FSE-000824

Main goal: Promote social inclusion and fight poverty and any discrimination

Intervention area: North

beneficiary entity: National Association of Multiple Sclerosis

Approval date: 14-05-2020

Start date: 01-01-2020

Date of the conclusion: 31-12-2022

Total eligible cost: 183.236,22€

financial support of the European Union: FSE – 109.025,55€

Financial support national public: 19.239,80€


Objectives, Activities and Expected Results:

It aims to promote the employability of unemployed caregivers and, thereby, improve the monitoring that is provided to patients and the household itself.

A set of workshops is planned for the training of skills aimed at informal caregivers of people with multiple sclerosis., In a first moment, and other caregivers of dependent people who are interested in attending the workshops, with the aim of promoting their integration into the labor market and providing them with tools to create their own jobs in the future. ”

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