ANEM was one of the institutions contemplated with the Approval of the Application to the Adapt Social Program + styled with “CAARPD EM Segur @ nç @”, we obtained an incentive in the amount of 7,992.00 € to adapt the activity of the N / social response CAARPD- Service Center Monitoring and Social Rehabilitation for people with disabilities and Disabilities in the context of the disease COVID-19.

This incentive was essential to mitigate the increased costs for the restoration of the Association's operating conditions, namely in the adaptation of spaces, equipment acquisition, assistance in the realization of standards and methods of work organization among employees, users, family and others, guaranteeing the implementation of the conditions that guarantee a good functioning of the social response, implementing the preventive measures of contagion of COVID-19 in view of the recommendations of the competent authorities established in the context of the pandemic.

To embrace this challenge, it was essential to contract a specialized consultancy service to adapt the social response to the pandemic context, namely, reorganize workplaces and layout changes to facilities and equipment; contingency plan elaboration, good practice manuals and procedures.



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