Como help ANEM

The ANEM IPSS is a nonprofit whose livelihood depends on His associates, donations, patron, and partners.

We always appreciate and His help to continue our work.

1) It is associated with the ANEM

Any person and / or entity can be our partner. Fill out our Proposal Partner (online / in person) and send us the same.

2) Donations

Always so wish can make a donation to ANEM either by check, bank transfer or cash directly in our facilities.

Whenever the hold request to tell us your name, VAT number and address so we can send your receipt to the Tax Benefits Law shelter and send the same to His care.

As the ANEM one IPSS under the Tax Benefits Law, His donation is deducted on Your IRS (Tax Deductions and benefits).

Also companies can see enjoy a tax benefit for IRC. You just have to indicate in the company name of the company, the VAT identification number and address for the issue and return of the receipt.

3) IRS Consignment

Every year when you subscribe to your tax return can support ANEM a free way to SI!.

In the online filling of your statement identifies the ANEM as the entity to record its IRS, identifying it with our NIF: 504 467 042

By doing so 0.5% His IRS and cost € 0 for SI will revert to the ANEM.

4) Donate Technical aids

If you have or know someone who has Assistive no longer use because they do not give the same to our association?

Through the "Bottle Caps Project" to ANEM has a Technical Assistance Loan Service to support its associates as they need.

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Help Anem in building a home



Fundraising campaign for the construction of a Home for people with MS and other…LAR ANEM (National Association of Multiple Sclerosis) is an innovative project in Portugal, with the main objective of providing a home for people with MS, whose social situation needs help, assuring them the provision of basic care, feed, health and safety, well as monitoring and clinical monitoring.

Support our association, through various forms, we provide:


Acquiring our mascot
Donations by bank transfer

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Linking to the nr º 760 501 500

(No. of added value) The call has a total cost of 0.60 € + VAT, reversing € 0.43 for ANEM.


Fetched here the registration form “Multiple Outreach”

Supporting Anem

IRS Solidarity

Help ANEM cost € 0.00 for you!



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The telephone support line has the support of:


The SECIL supports Anema

"SECIL Thanks for having presented with a car that serves as home support to those most in need."

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