Associates is an integral and inseparable part of the history of our institution. Bring added value, essential and invaluable, as a complementary resource to the intervention that we developed together of people with Multiple Sclerosis (E.M.) and neurological conditions.

We believe that part of our responsibility to promote solidarity, foster civic participation of citizens and sensitize civil society to the importance of being a member of an institution like the ANEM.

Our partners have access to our many services and social facilities, under various programs and projects in the fields of social action, health, directed education and culture especially the people we support more directly, at risk of exclusion contributing to improving the living conditions of people and for a more inclusive society.


Benefits of being partner ANEM

  • Support in the field of Social Work;
  • Support in the field of psychology;
  • Support in the field of Occupational Therapy;
  • Support in the field of Physiotherapy;
  • Support in the Legal area;
  • Nutrition consultation;
  • Visiting realization to users by the team of ANEM;
  • ANEM as neurology consultations na 30% discount;
  • Queries of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the LET with discounts between 30% e os 50%;
  • Benefit from Technical Equipment Loan Service for the user for an unlimited time;
  • Acquisition of Technical Support Equipment discount when purchased together of our partners who sell these devices;
  • Discounts Clinical Care, Home care, Personal Hygiene and Comfort, Housing hygiene, support Night, telecare, Clinical analysis, among others, when we carried out with our partners;

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To become a member, fetched here the registration form. Any clarification or doubt, contacte a Anem.

After downloading the registration form, no need to print, fill out and send back to us from the field below.


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"SECIL Thanks for having presented with a car that serves as home support to those most in need."

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