Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (E.M.) involves a reassessment of the lifestyles of its bearer. Following some advice as given below is possible to lead a quality life and well-being:


  1. Follow a balanced diet, healthy, quality and natural

  3. Physical exercise plays a central role in the care of a person with M.S. Playing sports according to their abilities, preferably low intensity sports regularly and, for short periods of time improves the physical condition of the patient, increase your muscle strength helping to improve spasticity, balance problems, bowel and bladder function, depression and, fadiga.

  5. Establish a task schedule to accomplish with rest intervals between them to avoid periods of excessive activity.

  7. For a healthy sexual life "talk openly" with your doctor questioning all doubts to better address, for example being the use of contraceptives safe both men and in women

  9. A pregnancy should be planned in disease stability phase together with her gynecologist and neurologist. At delivery, be the bearer of MS has no additional side effects except an increased spasticity of the muscles and, more fatigue. Already in lactating women must manage the best way to feed your baby.

  11. Plan holidays consciously. A trip with rest periods, always next to you taking all medication, whether you are traveling by plane, train or car, bearing in mind that some countries require vaccination.

  13. Living with M.S. factor is not to stop working, however professional life may undergo some changes, depending on the symptoms presented by the patient M.S. They may need more rest periods or, reduce working hours. Another relevant issue is the communication to the employer of this pathology. Since the symptoms are not visible, always be at the discretion of the patient this information, however it is always important to someone who knows your medical history. It is also important to maintain a good working relationship with the employer, together to find the best solution

  15. Take the medication according to the instructions prescribed by your doctor (neurologist), it is important to get a medication that changes the course of the disease as soon as possible.

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