We are what we eat, for this reason our food, must be balanced, full and varied, including all necessary nutrients to the body.

Good eating habits, are one of the best remedies for a healthy life. Breakfast, should consist of complex carbohydrates, fiber and protein of high biological value.

Being that, regular intake of this meal, in half an hour that follows the wake, increases cognitive ability and concentration..

Regarding lunch and dinner, Your top should consist of a soup, which has the advantages, a high nutritional value and low caloric value. Then, the dish should be constituted mainly of vegetables (about half), the other half being divided into two parts. Occupied by a mass, rice, potatoes or legumes and the other peels meat, fish or eggs.

However, the vegetables should always be varied, cooked or uncooked. Should be preferred to fish instead of meat, Always opting for lean, removing skin and fat visible. Being grilled, Baked, stews and roasts raw natural the most suitable cooking methods.

The dessert must consist of a piece of fruit, leaving candy for special occasions. However, not to spend more than 3 hours without eating at 3:30 a.m., do not feel hunger and food we ingest quantities of undue. Main meals should be interspersed with snacks.

Options for healthy meals


  • Small Almoço / Afternoon snack:
Option 1 – 1 Brown bread or rye (+/-50g) or 4 provides + fat cheese or ham birds (+/- 30g) + 1 tea + 1 piece of fruit;

Option 2 – 2 hands of sugary cereals + iogurte magro ou 1 almoçadeira cup skimmed milk or skimmed;

Option 3 – 1 almoçadeira cup skimmed milk or skimmed + 1Brown bread or rye or 4 provides + 1 teaspoon of vegetable butter tea

Option 4 – 1 handful of fruits fat (nuts, almonds, avelas, Chestnut maranhão, pinhões, etc.) + iogurte magro + 1 piece of fruit

  • Morning Snack and Supper:
Option 1 – 3 maria bolachas ou 2 tostas ou 4 water and salt crackers redondinhas + 1 piece of fruit;

Option 2 – 1 gelatin + 1 piece of fruit;

Option 3 – 1 iogurte magro + 1 piece of fruit;

Option 4 – 1 iogurte magro + 3 maria bolachas ou 2 tostas ou 4 crackers or salt water and redondinhas 1 hand sugary cereals;

Option 5 – 1 tea + 3 maria bolachas ou 2 tostas ou 4 water and salt crackers redondinhas.

  • Lunch / Dinner:
Soup – 1 bowl of soup (+/- 2shells);

Lawn – Is filled with raw or cooked vegetables + ¼ filled with meat, fish or eggs + ¼ with rice, massa, potatoes or legumes;

Desktop – 1 piece of fruit.

Water should be the beverage of choice, during meals during the day and. Good hydration is essential to the health of the organism, helping to prevent fatigue.


However, We must always take into account the fact that these recommendations be generalized, may be followed by any individual. However should always be adjusted to the conditions, lifestyles, etc.. Specific each.

Joana Catarina de Sousa and Castro, Physiotherapist, Student of Nutritional Sciences at the Catholic University

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